Carolina R SV

MSc Student 

Earth & Planetary Sciences Univeristy of Western Ontario 



    My LPSC 2019 Experience

    Hi all, 

    This week, my blog is dedicated to my LPSC 2019 experience. 

    I want to start by saying that it was an A M A Z I N G experience. Way better and more different than previous years. I remember my very first LPSC. It did not go as good as I plan it. This was because I did not know many people, was so intimidated by everyone, and my imposter syndrome was on fire. I also remember being so nervous all the time, that every time I will meet a new person I could not even talk in English. The words would not come out of my mouth. My mind was blank. But this year was different. I was confident, handling my stress very well and did not let my imposter syndrome take over me. I met so many people from different universities and other institutions. I even met and hangout with a Canadian astronaut. And this time my words came out from my mouth!!! I was feeling so welcoming and belonging in this scientific world.  

    This year, my abstract got chosen for a talk presentation. All week long, I practiced my talk around 20 times with friends, colleagues and at the early career presenters’ event. As crazy as it sounds, it was actually very helpful. Every time I gave my practice talk to different people, they had questions and suggestions that helped me when giving my real talk. After my real talk, I got so many questions from the audience. Questions that surprisingly I knew all the answers for.   

    After my talk and at the exhibits and poster sessions, many people stopped me to tell me "hey, I was in your talk, it was amazing. I learned so much from it". I was impressed and feeling very happy and proud about myself. 

    Thank you, Catherine, for making this happen.

    Here are some picture from my week at LPSC 2019. Enjoy!!!

    This is me giving my real talk!! 


    Here I am thouching three planetary bodies at the same time, Earth, Moon, and Mars!!! 


    Hanging out with Canadian Astronaut Dr. Jenny Sidey-Gibbons!!


    Boricua Planeteers reunion at LPSC 2019! 



    Arecibo reunion at LPSC 2019!!! 







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