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    Update on surface roughness of Martian lava flows, and something more...


    These past few weeks have been very intense and super busy. And when I said busy and intense, I refer to: 

    1. Finished up writing the first draft of Chapter 2 (Datasets and Methodology).

    2. Processed a huge amount of HiRISE stereo-pairs into DTMs and extracted the surface roughness for many lava flows and then plotted them into an RMS slope vs Hurst Exponent graph.

    3. Identified the TES Dust Cover Index (DCI) for each of those lava flows and plotted them in an RSM slope vs TES DCI graph.

    4. Took a course on the Moon as part of the CanMoon analogue mission. 

    5. Got accepted into the Natural Space Risks Summer School 2019 at the Paris Observatory. (YAY!!)

    6. Applied and got interviewed for a volunteer position at the Children Aid Society of London and Middlesex. 

    7. Still editing Chapter 1 (Introduction). It’s hard to write when one is so busy doing lab and class work.

    8. Made and outline for Chapter 3 (Results).


    Here I am showing the latest RSM slope vs Hurst exponent plot for Martian lava flows (this work), the Moon, and Earth (Neish et al., 2017).  It is quite notable the difference in surface roughness between Martian and COTM lava flows. Here, Martian lava flows tend to have RMS slopes from 0 degrees up to 15 degrees, and a Hurst exponent from ~0.5 to 9. These values are more similar to those surface roughness values from Iceland, Mauna Ulu, and the Moon.  More interpretations are yet to come. 


    Even though I have made a lot of progress with my work these past few weeks, I have not gotten the change to sit down and interpret more in detail my results. More interpretations are yet to come. 

    Next blogs will include:  

    1. RMS slope vs TES DCI plot.

    2. RMS slope vs H for different Mars volcanic regions.

    3. RMS slope vs H for CTX DTMs.

    4. Radar image with radar bright and radar smooth areas already processed. 


    This is all for now!!! 

    See ya!


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